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If you want to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility for accademic year 2023/2024, please fill in the nomination form.

In order to that HST may accommodate an exchange student there must be a current Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement in place between your home university and the Higher School of Transport. Please contact your university international office to find out if such an agreement exists.
The language of instruction at HST is Bulgarian. Exchange students who do not have previous knowledge of the Bulgarian language on a level allowing them to follow the educational process successfully must have good command of English. If their primary language is not English, they must meet level B2 requirements for English proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Exchange students determine their own study plan, being free to select courses from the course catalogue available to Erasmus students.
The study workload of an individual course is measured in ECTS credits. The usage of ECTS provides the capability of transferring credits from HST to their home university. After completion of their study, the exchange students are awarded a Transcript of Records showing the total number of credits obtained during their stay at HST. There are no minimum requirements to the number of ECTS credits that exchange students must obtain per semester. The grading system of HST is:

ECTS Grade Mark

Grade Description in English/Bulgarian

Numeric value


Excellent / Отличен
(excellent results)



Very good / Много добър
(results above average)



Good / Добър
(results on average)



Satisfactory / Среден
(acceptable result)



Fail / Слаб
( further work required)


HST offers accommodation for exchange students mainly in its hostels. A student canteen is also available.
Exchange students are able to take part in a work placement at HST or a company with which the university has an agreement for student internships. Erasmus placements will be organised through the HST Erasmus office in collaboration with the department for which the student wishes to work.
During the first week of their stay at HST, exchange students will attend an induction programme. They will be given a general introduction to university life and the university’s principal support services together with general information about HST, their programme and courses, teaching and administrative staff, etc.
If you have questions about the language requirements, courses available, accommodation, study details, etc., please contact our Erasmus office.


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